COSTUMES and Custom made clothing
Theatrical Costume Credits:
The King and I, Hello Dolly - Chicago,IL
West Side Story, Beauty and the Beast - Los Angeles, CA
One Voice, The Music Man, The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, It's a Wonderful Life, Willy Wonka, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat - Denver, CO
"BAM" Art Hits the Runway Wedding Gown - Grove Center for the Arts and Media - Southern CA

Q: Why do costume prices vary so greatly?

A: Many factors determine the price of a garment such as the type of fabric and amount of detail.  Fabric costs in the US have increased greatly over the years.  Dimestore quality Halloween costumes are mass produced in third world countries for pennies and can therefore be sold in stores for a cheap price.  Broadway quality theatrical costumes are exquisitely hand made with fine materials and detailing and can run up to $1000 a piece.  The statement "You get what you pay for" holds true for costumes.
I will try and work within your budget based upon the number of pieces, type of fabric, amount of detailing basic construction and the estimated time the garment will take to create.  All of your choices will affect the final cost.

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Q: What is the difference between purchasing a costume and renting one?

A: To some people, renting a costume is sort of like renting a pair of bowling shoes at a bowling alley - thousands have worn them - EW!  When it comes to theatre however, custom making hundreds of costumes can be cost prohibitive, and therefore renting is a logical choice.  Rest assured, my costume rentals are cleaned after each use and can be altered to fit your cast members.
On the other hand, A CUSTOM MADE COSTUME is made to fit you and no one else and in many cases, there is not much difference in cost.  By taking detailed measurments and fittings, you can be assured that your garment will fit like a store bought one can not.  YOU determine the color, the style, the details - you are not limited to what the rental shops have to offer - THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!  You will have a unique item like no other that can be worn for future theatre productions or costume parties year after year.

Q: What are your guarantees?

A:  I stand behind my work.  If you are not completely satified with your purchase, return the item unworn with the tags attached within one week of purchase and your money will be refunded.

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Sound of Music
Fiddler on the Roof
Willy Wonka
Star Wars
Wedding Gown
Harley Quinn
Henry VIII
Hocus Pocus